Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What is a Golf Swing Launch Monitor (part 1 of 2)

In baseball, a speed gun similar to what police use to check on the speed of motorists is used to check the speed of a pitch. In golf, a device called a golf swing launch monitor is used to study the swing aspect in a game.

The golf swing launch monitor is designed to tell a golfer why the ball is flying in a certain direction after the golfer hits it with the club. With the information gathered, the golfer will know what is wrong so the appropriate changes can be made.

How it works is by compiling the data comprising of more than 100 swings made by the golfer. Professionals are not the only ones who use this data because even amateurs use this as well.

Now that these are produced by various companies, it is easy to find one when you go to a sporting goods store.

But what must the golf swing launch monitor have when you go out looking for one? It must be able to tell you the following information which includes ball speed, club head speed, face impact position, flight time, launch angle and yards off line.

But what does the information tell you exactly? Well, if your ball speed isn’t in proportion with your club head speed, this means that you are not hitting the ball as far as you want it to go. Ideally, there should be a 1:1.5 ratio between these two. In simple terms, a club head speed of 100 mph will let you make the ball travel at 150 mph.

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