Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What is a Golf Swing Launch Monitor (part 2 of 2)

If you think getting this number is easy, think again because most professionals are only able to hit a 1:1.4 ratio. If your numbers are way off, do your best to try and achieve this number.

Another thing to watch out for in the golf swing launch monitor is the launch angle. The lower it is the better because this will make the ball travel farther. Tiger Woods who is one of the best golfers of all time launches at 12 degrees. Should you do the same? Not necessarily but if this works for you, then why not.

There are other indicators that can tell you more about your golf swing but take note that these will cost a bit more. These devices can even tell you the average of your shots in various areas and compare them which will helpful to improve your game.

The golf swing launch monitor comes with its own software. This can be even be hooked up to your computer which is even better.

Of course to achieve the right angle and speed, it has a lot to do with your technique. There are other tools you can get to help you practice your golf swing like hiring a coach, practicing in front of a mirror, recording yourself and putting some of the aids on.

Will this make you play better? In most cases yes so you should consider using them if you are still not able to improve your game like you have hoped.

Years ago, there was no machine that could analyze your golf swings. We should be happy then with tools like the golf swing launch monitor because you are no longer guessing if you are doing well or not when everything can be seen in the numbers.

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